Quote of the Day:
W: No! Don't tie knots in my hair!
D: I was just gonna braid your hair.
W: That's what I said!
D: You know braids are not knots, right?
W: No, I do not!

Oh geez I will apparently do anything to procrastinate including watching Tod in the Shadows videos from his pre mic control days.

Nah, just kidding, I'm essentially caught up but I'm having trouble working ahead this year.

No exceptions

Dear the latest lazy dickwads who put stuff on my bike,

You guys tied a plant and an inspirational quote to my bike. You know what's funny, I'd have taken your plant and your quote if you would have ASKED ME.

But no, you half assed slacktivists tied flotsam to my property. So you get what every other person gets who puts their garbage on my transportation.

You get your gift broken and smashed into the ground and left there. I'll have to thank you for the delightful squishiness under my heel, that was satisfying destruction.

Quit touching my things,

New Things

Quote of the Day:
D: Blah, why won't my pecs come in. I go to the gym and lift at home and they still won't come in.
W: Because you're a girl.
D: If my pecs don't come in and I lose weight you'll see my upper ribs again, I hate that.
W: I don't mind your ribs.
D: I mind, it looks out of balance. And it all makes my chest look smaller. Guys are lucky, no one can tell if they have a small penis unless they drive a big truck!

So I had some company and tried a whole bunch of new recipes last night. The verdict was:

Chicken Pesto Feta hand pies - very good, I'll be making these again.
Pork and Apple hand pies - good
Beef onion hand pies - not bad but something missing

Guacamole - "You don't know how to make guacamole." 'I don't know how to make guacamole.'

White cake with raspberry frosting - good but holy crap do natural raspberries make things shockingly pink. Like hot magenta pink. This cake would make a good lemon filled coconut frosted cake.

Caramel apple cider - yes, please

Cinnamon cheesecakes with caramel topping - fine, but there's still something not that as pleasing as I'd like from using the individual heart pan. I'm probably being too picky.

Wm also had me try making pepperoni rolls, and they seemed to be okay. Though I am not that into pepperoni.

Anyway, I had fun. But now I have leftover cake.
Queen of Clubs

Artist Name

Quote of the Day:
D: ...And so I don't really think you'd like the book.
W: Maybe I'll read it anyway to see what got James Nicoll all pissed off.
D: Why do you read books that piss people off? You read that one book that pissed me off.
W: I'm contrary. I read War and Peace.
D: Why'd you read War and Peace.
W: Because "Nobody gets through War and Peace."
D: That's from Get Smart, Max said that. You read War and Peace...
W: To prove a fictional character wrong.

So I finally made myself an Etsy page, which has about thirteen items in it, and seven in holding, and about another twenty in need of finishing and photographing.

One of my good friends helped me out with the photography. She did like 100+ pictures for me and wouldn't take more than me buying her lunch. I'm going to have to arrange to buy her a few more lunches, because she did a great job. (I am rubbish at photography.)

I accidentally my account under my full name instead of my stage name. Which is just my name without my last name attached. Luckily they let me rename myself to just Danielle Faye.

Unfortunately, there already is a DanielleFaye username on Etsy. And Tumblr. So I was a bit displeased. So in a fit of drowsiness I had to make a new username so I was all "What cruel fate is this?! Cruel Fate....Cruel...Faaayyeeee....D....Yeah. Why not. That works."

I have a feeling I am going to regret this as much as I regret the whole Cakeblade fiasco. But at least Etsy and Twitter and Tumblr let you pick a display name as well as a username. So I can still be Danielle Faye with a really stupid username.

Diablocation - very late post

Quote of the Day:
D: Hey, wanna do something?
W: You just want to do something with me because you're bored because your server is down.
D: ...Wanna do something anyway?

So a couple weeks back I spent an entire week's worth of vacation to play Diablo III because OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS GAME FOR A DECADE.

Collapse )

AZ Wine dinner at the Dhaba

Quote of the Day:
W: I'm just going to give you my wine.
D: Do not just give me your wine. I got sick last time because you kept pouring your wine into my cup and I was too drunk to stop you.
W: You're just going to throw your Indian food up anyway, so you might as well drink my wine.
D: Oh rub it in. Indian food doesn't agree with me half the time, so I'm going to have enough trouble drinking my own wine.
W: Why do you want to go again?

And it was.

The end.

Ha ha, okay well it was a nice dinner with local wines and Indian food at the Dhaba. The pairings were mostly good, but the first wine, a Fume Blanc from Oak Creek Vineyard, I felt went a bit astringent with the spices in the chole though it was good on its own.

The second was a Chardonnay from Rancho Rossa, and while it was a good example of the variety, I am not a fan. I also did not care for the Hara Bhara Kabob. I'm glad I tried it, but it's not something I'd get again.

A mixed red from Dribble Creek was served with the fabulous chicken korma, which was not nearly as spicy as the lamb korma, go fig. I spilled most of the wine on the table fumbling my glass, so that was kind of fail. Drinkable for a red, but I'm not a fan of reds.

A Four Monkeys muscat wine was with dessert, and since I like my whites sweet that was my favorite.

So, good fun and good food. I am glad I went, even though I ended up drinking two of Wm's glasses of wine anyway.

Too much theater? Not hardly!

Quote of the Day:
D: So what'd you think of the Opera?
W: There was only one camel.
D: But there was a camel.
W: I was promised camelS.
D: ...What?
W: Other people were complaining about it, too.

So I'm still pretending I'm all cultured and a supporter of the arts and crap. This year the Lyric Opera theater season has been kind of meh. I liked Cabaret okay, and Ainadamar had a certain charm. But they're not doing too well with their sound equipment lately leading to some unevenness.

Still, I enjoy their shows. And Ainadamar had some really cool sets. And it was in Spanish, so I could understand large chunks without resorting to the surtitles.

I went to see Wicked at Gammage, but I'm starting to turn into a humorless elitist. (Wait, starting?)

It was really irritating to have to dodge little knots of people taking pictures of themselves visiting Wicked at Gammage. Or having dumbasses flash their cell phone lights in my eyes because they're taking a dozen pictures of themselves in their Gammage seats.


And then the people looking at their cell phones DURING the show. Some of them the same people who were deciding to preserve this moment. Why the extremes here?

Anyway, Wicked was fun. Good sets, costume, effects. Some catchy and memorable songs. The plot felt kind of thin and they spent too much time letting the actress playing Glinda spaz all over the stage. But it was worth going.

Aida was awfully long, but I thought it was neat. I liked the music in Carmen better. Wm says it's the best opera we've gone to see so far. Though he pretty much HATED every other opera we've been to see so far so I'm not sure if that's saying much.

So I haven't been posting a lot, well I'm on facebook and stuff. Still having trouble with my stomach.

December already?

Quote of the Day:
D: So my parents want gift ideas for you. I told them you broke your trowel.
W: Trowel?
D: Your garden shovel...thing.
W: I don't use that! Or I use it more now that it's broken.
D: ...Whatever, as long as you aren't using my clippers as a spade anymore.
W: I don't use anything that's not broken!
D: My clippers were not broken!
W: They are now...

So William's garden finally produced some sweet potatoes. And we had some more watermelons this year. So I made a bunch of watermelon and feta salads.

Thanksgiving is usually a big favorite of mine but I got pretty sick so it was not as fun as usual. And by pretty sick I mean losing my voice and going to urgent care to get antibiotics because my doctor was closed.

I grilled the turkey, though, and it turned out okay. Everyone seemed to like it okay.

Classes are winding down. Thinking about taking off next semester.


Quote of the Day:
D: Tell me a story.
W: Once upon a time there was a frog -
D: I don't want a frog story.
W: - and so he died. Look what you did!

William does not like stories.

So I am not doing NaNoWriMo this year to concentrate on some other things. Like baking.

We got a rotisserie for our propane grill and we made some pork. And going to try chicken next. And maybe on Thanksgiving a turkey.

I am still having heartburn issues, but they are intermittent instead of constant, now.

How many cores does it take?

Quote of the Day:
D: I don't even KNOW what I'm going to do with six cores. I must have been feeling insecure in my masculinity when I bought it.
D: Huh, it really is easier not to run into things in WoW.
W: Yeah I thought it might be.
D: I mean, I was thinking maybe I was just making excuses for how I can't play.
W: Nah, I noticed it too.
D: ...I was thinking maybe YOU just can't play, too.
W: Well I knew better than THAT.

So the new computer went pretty well. No parts were DOA and it's running nicely. Had some trouble installing Windows 7.

Kept giving me some error about how it couldn't install to the harddrive, wasn't bootable. A weird error and none of the fixes online seemed to apply. I spent a good hour running back and forth yelling "YOU CAN SEE IT" And "What are they even TALKING about???"

Until Wm saw that I was using the old cable.
"Wait isn't this your cable?"
Yeah I just used the one that was already in the old case.
"Oh that's probably your problem."
"Yeah remember when you first got that new hard drive and it was giving me some weird error and you said you probably needed to use the new cable and I said that was stupid and didn't make any sense but it worked."
...That's stupid and doesn't make any sense, I don't remember this happening.
"Why don't you try it anyway."


"Yeah I got over that three years ago."

Then it worked like magic, and everything got installed. The videocard needed its driver, and Windows 7 had to install like four thousand updates (I don't even know...) and I had trouble downloading WoW again because the computer kept going into sleep mode and pausing my download. But I think I have it figured out now.

And since I've been talking up how excited I am about this new computer at work I can't take a sick day to play with it. Oh well, I have class tonight anyway.