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Some New Disaster

Out of Beta and Releasing on Time

Danielle Faye
2 April 1981
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Hi, I'm Danielle. I'm 28, married, with two cats and a house in Arizona. I am originally from Minnesota, and hated it. The desert is a much better fit to my temperment. All prickly. :)

Education is kind of my big "thing." I am currently close to finishing my masters degree in Library Science. My BA is in Japanese. Currently because I have a really sweet job at a university I'm also taking classes in Metalworking, Creative Writing, and plan to pick Spanish and Chinese back up sometime. Unless I get a cooler job first.

I enjoy my job and coworkers. It's underpaid but well-benefitted. My coworkers are hilarious.

My husband adores me. My cats are moderately well behaved. And my family is 2000 miles away. All in all I have a great life.

That doesn't stop me from ranting and whining, from time to time.

I make jewelry, read books, write stories, draw, do jigsaw puzzles, bake, cook, lift weights, bike to work, and have great costume ideas I never quite implement as well as I like. I hate cleaning, math, shopping, buying pants, and everyone.

Okay, that last bit isn't true. Except it totally is.

I really enjoy webcomics. The below list are kind of in order of how little I hate the comic.

Webcomics with daily/weekdaily updates:
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal : So bizarre and so amazing.
Girls With Slingshots : Kind of cute and clever, at times.
Drow Tales : Damn it, it grew on me.
Questionable Content : I appreciate that he's trying to improve his art continually.
Shortpacked : I still think it's funny
Misfile : Ugh, I am ashamed I still read this.
Dominic Deegan : I only read this for the snark threads. But damn can they be worth it.
Player vs. Player : Pure inertia
Sluggy Freelance : I forget to read this most days weeks.

Webcomics with Three Updates a Week:
Gunnerkrigg Court : This one is awesome
Phoenix Requiem (Technically it's twice, but it's two LARGE updates a week.)
Dr. McNinja : So off the wall!
Girl Genius : Hate the art, usually love the story.
Punch an Pie : The art kind of blows, but the story is cute.
Darths and Droids : This is cute but can drag at times.

Once a week or Irregular Schedules:
Finder ...when's the store coming back?
Something Positive : I love Super Stupor more.
Order of the Stick He's been sick
Lackadaisy AND HOW
Goblins : Once a Week, for now
Dreamless : Meh. Art's good.

Comics I read that are now dead or on hiatus:

Thunderstruck - I was a bit upset about this one
Queen of Wands - Story Complete
Elf Only Inn - this is a bad habit he has
Gossamer Commons - we hardly knew thee
Waiting for Bob - and still waiting since 2002

I like tags.

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